Grays Harbor March Restaurant Inspections released

A new list of food establishment inspections have been released for Grays Harbor.

Kristina Hollatz, R.S., Environmental Health Specialist for the Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Division released a list to KXRO of the inspections made by her office during the month of March, showing all violation points given out to local businesses.

Locally, many businesses passed their routine checks without any demerits, but others were not so lucky.

In Aberdeen;

The Liberty Store on Alder received 5 Red and 5 Blue points on a routine inspection.
Michael’s Farm Fresh Meats received 20 Red and 8 Blue points following a complaint to the County.
Scoop’s Ice Cream & Coffee received 15 Red and 10 Blue points after a complain was turned in to the County.
Town Mini Mart & Deli received 10 Red points against them following their routine inspection.

In Hoquiam, Casa Mia was the only business to receive any points against them with 25 Red according to records.

Lucky Dragon in Ocean Shores, prior to their opening, were marked as earning 10 Red and 5 Blue points due to violations.

Pacific Beach businesses Emily’s Confections and the Seagate Restaurant & Lounge were both marked for violations on routine inspections. Emily’s showing 10 Red and 5 Blue, with Seagate earning 25 Red points.

South Beach saw the highest number of violations on average, Hart’s Mutineer Cafe was marked with 20 Red and 5 Blue points and the Blue Bouy with 25 Red and 13 Blue, both on routine inspections.

The Local Bar & Grill saw the highest overall violations, and their inspection was following a complaint. The Local earned 25 Red and 23 Blue points for food service violations.


Business Reason for Inspection Area Red Pts Blue Pts
American Legion Post #5 Routine Aberdeen 0 0
Liberty Store, The Routine Aberdeen 5 5
Michaels’ Farm Fresh Meats Complaint Aberdeen 20  8
Scoop’s Ice Cream & Coffee Complaint Aberdeen 15  10
Thompson’s Grocery Routine Aberdeen 0 0
Town Mini Mart & Deli Routine Aberdeen 10 0
VFW Post #224 Routine Aberdeen 0 0
Highland Golf Course Routine Cosmopolis 0 0
Hong Kong Restaurant Routine Cosmopolis 0 0
Maxi Teriyaki Routine Cosmopolis 0 0
Elma Farm Stand and Public Market Routine East Co 0 0
Elma Mini Mall Routine East Co 0 0
Elma Shell Pizza and Burger Routine East Co 0 0
Gateway 76 Truck Stop Routine East Co 0 0
Top Wok Routine East Co 0 0
Casa Mia Routine Hoquiam 25 0
Senior Center-Hoquiam Routine Hoquiam 0 0
The Jitter House Routine Hoquiam 0 0
Welcome Inn Tavern Routine Hoquiam 0 0
Bowling and Café Enterprises LLC Routine Montesano 0 0
El Rancho (Monte) Routine Montesano 0 0
VFW Post #2455 Routine Montesano 0 0
Westside Pizza Routine Montesano 0 0
Candy Cane Lane Bakery & Eatery Pre-Opening Ocean Shores 0 0
K&R Coffee Routine Ocean Shores 0 0
Lucky Dragon Compliance/Closure Ocean Shores 0 0
Lucky Dragon Pre-Opening Ocean Shores 10 5
Ocean Grill Routine Ocean Shores 0 0
Beach Avenue B & B Routine Pacific Beach 0 0
D & K Grocery Routine Pacific Beach 0 0
Emily’s confections Routine Pacific Beach 10 5
Seagate Restaurant & Lounge Routine Pacific Beach 25 0
Amanda Park Mercantile Routine Quinault 0 0
Salmon House Restaurant Routine Quinault 0 0
Elks #593 Aberdeen Routine South Aberdeen 0 0
Extreme Fun Center Routine South Aberdeen 0 0
Lantz’s NW Passage Routine South Aberdeen 0 0
Subway – South Side Routine South Aberdeen 0 0
Swanson’s #3 Retail/Grocery Routine South Aberdeen 0 0
Hart’s Mutineer Café Routine South Co 20 5
Local Bar & Grill Complaint South Co 25 23
Blue Buoy Café Routine Westport 25 13
Twin Harbor Drug Routine Westport 0 0


Official List of Violations from Grays Harbor County Health



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