Grays Harbor home prices up 27% year-over-year; nearly twice the average of Western WA

The amount of homes sold in February 2022 was down from 2021, but the median price increased by $75,000.

In the latest Housing Market Statistics report from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, they report that the sales of 101 homes or condos closed in February 2022, down 12.17% from the 115 that closed in February 2021. The median closing price last month was $350,000.

Despite the difference between comparable months, overall there were more homes actively for sale countywide between the years. There was also an increase in homes pending sales for the month, with 144 across Grays Harbor, up from 135 pending in February 2021.

Ocean Shores saw the largest number of sales year-over-year, with 31 homes closed in February 2022, although also down from 36 in February 2021. As far as active listings, the difference was staggering between years. 89 homes were actively being sold last month, up 229% over the 2021 comparison.

Aberdeen saw the largest dip in the February comparables. 31 homes closed in February 2021 within the city, but only 17 closed in February this year. Despite that difference, the total listings were nearly identical with 18 in 2022 and 20 in 2021.

East County saw both the highest growth in home sale closures between the years, as well as what appears to be the highest median sale price. From Montesano heading east to McCleary and Oakville, they were the only area of the county that saw an increase in February sales for 2022, up from 21 in 2021 to 27 this year.

Statewide, the trend continued with February 2022 showing fewer total sales across Washington compared to February 2021, but the median ( half selling for more and half selling for less) closing price of $585,000 compared to $512,000 in 2021.The average increase in closing prices sat at 14.26% for Washington as a whole, although Grays Harbor saw a 27.27% increase between years.