Grays Harbor healthcare worker tests positive for COVID-19

-Updated to reflect information regarding the worker-

According to Grays Harbor Community Hospital, for the first time, a local healthcare professional has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

This worker  is not a resident of Grays Harbor and will not be reflected in the Grays Harbor case count.

In a release the hospital states that this is the unfortunate risk taken as these workers take to care for our community.

They tell KXRO that while the hospital has put in place many precautions, they are aware of the risk of exposure to COVID-19 while caring for community members with the virus.

This particular caregiver also works at other healthcare facilities so the source of initial infection is undetermined.

The release states that while at the hospital, the healthcare professional wore either a surgical mask or N-95 appropriately. 

They clarify that the worker was never at GHCH East Campus during the time of potential infection from April 6th – 16th. Residents should not avoid using the available Care Clinics set up for residents with non-COVID-19 related issues.

Acting upon recommendations by John C. Bausher, MD, PhD – Health Officer, Grays Harbor County, starting immediately, all healthcare workers and medical staff will enter only through the main or ER entrances. 

Each worker will have their temperature checked and be issued a mask upon entering the building.

These new entrance and exit procedures will continue through Thursday, April 30th. 

At that time GHCH administration will consult Grays Harbor Public Health to develop an evidenced based procedure for moving forward. 

All concerned healthcare workers and medical providers will be tested.

At this time, East Campus / Harbor Medical Group entrance procedures will not change from their current state. However, there will be no visitation between the East and Main campuses unless it is part of an essential job function. All meetings will happen via telepresence or conference call.

“We recognize that this may bring up concerns for those scheduled to or who are considering coming to Grays Harbor Community Hospital. Please know that we are taking even greater precautions with mandatory health checks and mandatory mask wearing for all who enter, to ensure the safety of both patients and staff. Our Environmental services team is being extra thorough and doing deep cleans throughout the facility.

Please join us in sending prayers of health and a quick recovery to our coworker and please keep in your thoughts all the healthcare workers still here caring for our community through this crisis. We are hardworking and compassionate professionals dedicated to caring for you.”