Grays Harbor Election department says 13% of voters have turned in ballots

Montesano, WA – According to numbers from the Grays Harbor Election department, 13% of voters had turned in their ballots, as of Thursday morning.

Elections Administrator Scott Turnbull shared the turnout figures with KXRO.

In the early Thursday figures, out of nearly 50,000 ballots issued to voters two weeks ago, approximately 6,500 had been returned. That number increased to 8,000 later in the day, going from 13% to 16%, approximately. 

Out of those, 1% are being challenged. This could be for lack of signature, wrong signature, or other reasons.

Elections workers will continue to empty and monitor ballot drop boxes throughout the remainder of the 18-day voting period.

Limited turnout will not impact the results of campaigns county-wide, but it could invalidate measures being introduced. 

The proposition to form the Central Grays Harbor Regional Fire Authority, because they feature benefit charges as part of the formation, does require a super majority of 60% for passage. In addition, it requires that 40% of the total number of voters that turned out during the 2020 election also need to turn out this year.

According to precinct data from the 2020 election, over 10,000 people voted for President within Aberdeen and Hoquiam. Since it is likely any voter in that election participated in that race, it would indicate at least 4,200 voters would need to voice their opinion on the RFA for it to validate.

Voters have until 8pm on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 to place their ballots in the mail or placed in one of the election drop boxes located throughout the county.