Grays Harbor County updating Hazard Mitigation Plan; public input sought as part of process

Grays Harbor County has initiated the planning process to update the local Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The local Emergency Management Office says that the county, local jurisdictions, and special purpose districts are starting the process in order to prepare for impacts of natural disasters. 

Emergency Management will update its 2018 Hazard Mitigation Plan, including the existing Jurisdictional Annexes, as required under federal mandate.

Officials state that the project is funded by a planning grant from FEMA and is expected to take approximately seven to nine months to complete.

During this process, citizens will be asked to contribute by sharing knowledge of the area’s vulnerability to hazards based on past occurrences. 

Public involvement will be solicited via a multi-media campaign that will include public meetings, web-based information, questionnaires, maps, and updates on the plan’s progress via a website. 

A Hazard Mitigation Planning Team will be composed of Grays Harbor County representatives and its planning partners and will meet as needed throughout the process. 

Notice of the date and time of these meetings will be posted on the County’s website.

An informational website on the plan and purposes for planning has been established at: Hazard Mitigation Planning (

This website will serve as the primary means for the public to gain information on the plan and ways that they can participate in the planning process. The public is highly encouraged to provide input on all phases of this plan’s development.

Any questions or comments regarding this process are encouraged and should be directed to Deputy Director Hannah Cleverly, Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at 360-249-3911, email: [email protected], or Nick Falley, Grays Harbor Emergency Management Program Manager, email: [email protected] or to Bev O’Dea, Bridgeview Consulting, LLC at (253) 301-1330 or email: [email protected].