“Grays Harbor County Public Health” the new name for local health department

Grays Harbor County Public Health and Social Services is moving to the simpler name of “Grays Harbor County Public Health”.

Instead of the longer title, the local department will now use the name that many in the public have been using colloquially for years.

Commissioner Kevin Pine spoke to KXRO on Wednesday about the change, and said that it is in name only.

The adjustment comes following a request from the department this week to the Grays Harbor County Commissioners.

In their request, it states that the longer prior name was adopted in 1999 and has been used since, although it has for some time been referred to as  “Grays Harbor County Public Health,” and it states that this name “more accurately represents the Department’s present functions and services”.

In a statement, the department says that “The name reflects the evolution of public health and social services, where social services are widely recognized as an integral part of the overall health of a community.”

Officials say that the name change does not affect the website address of healthygh.org or their Facebook page address.

Residents would see adjustments made in paperwork and signage over time.