Grays Harbor Community Hospital, Harbor Medical Group, and their outpatient clinics will now be Harbor Regional Health

Aberdeen, WA – Beginning Monday April 5th, Grays Harbor Community Hospital, Harbor Medical Group, and all their outpatient clinics will be unified under one name, Harbor Regional Health.

The hospital group says that over the next few months, residents will start to see changes at their facilities, website, and social media as they make the transition to Harbor Regional Health.

According to their release, the Board of Commissioners set the desired future state of the organization to be a unified regional healthcare network. 

Since 1945, the organization has grown to become a hospital, a medical group, and several outlying health services, all with different names and brand identities. 

They say that in 2017 an extensive process was started to “Proactively Rebrand” Grays Harbor Community Hospital. 

A committee was formed by 13 members, including employees, community members, providers, and board members. 

Meetings continued into 2018 before the project had to be put on hold. 

In 2020 the Board of Commissioners again began discussing the project and formed an ad hoc committee with the intent to finalize the new name and logo to be presented to the Board.

In December the new brand, Harbor Regional Health, was presented and approved.

In their release they describe the logo and say every aspect of the name and colors were purposefully thought through to represent our new brand.

“Harbor Blue: Brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit, offering refuge, and centering our thoughts to foster resilience.

Harbor Green: The color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. It is associated with growth, harmony, safety, and the natural environment.

Even the logo font was selected because it is a flexible, personable, humanist font with lively character.”

Dr. Anne Marie Wong, Chief Medical Officer, pictured with the new logo on her jacket.