Grays Harbor Commissioners pass two measures affecting employees

Montesano, WA – The Grays Harbor County Commissioners passed two measures on Tuesday that will affect County employees during the Coronavirus emergency.

The first measure was a resolution that extended paid administrative leave pay for two additional weeks based on emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The additional paid administrative leave for non-essential employees who are not able to telecommute shall be extended for up to 80 additional hours expiring on April 22.

The second measure was a resolution that increased salaries and wages for essential employees working on emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic by 5%.

The resolution states that those designated as Essential Employees shall include those designated under the Governor’s Proclamation, and Public Health and Social Services, Environmental Health, and Department of Emergency Management employees, including support personnel. 

It also states that essential employees, for purposes of the resolution, shall not include elected officials.