Grays Harbor College will be online for fall quarter

Grays Harbor College is preparing for all online learning in the fall quarter.

In an update from Grays Harbor College, they say that this fall they will be offering a full schedule of classes while prioritizing the health and safety of its students and the community. 

All classes will be taught online, utilizing Zoom, Canvas, YouTube, and other relevant technologies, with the exception of a few programs that require hands-on application.

“Anyone who believes they may have been exposed should quarantine at home for 14 days. And we expect everyone to wash their hands often, use hand sanitizer and monitor their temperature and any changes to their health.”

GHC students, staff, and faculty that do physically come to campus are required to wear masks in campus buildings and outdoors if not at least six feet away from each other and must complete a COVID health verification every day. 

According to Dr. Brewster: “Gov. Inslee has allowed our students to come to campus for the hands-on portion of their classes for some time now, provided our colleges follow strict safety protocols. So, we have strong experience keeping our students safe as we go into the fall. But that said, there will be some big changes. Most classes and service will remain remote. When individuals do come to campus, they will need to stay at least 6 feet apart from each other and wear masks. We will also be required to continue all the other safety protocols we’ve been practicing — like creating safety plans, deep cleaning classrooms; logging-in students, visitors and workers; providing hand-washing stations; and posting COVID safety signage around campus.”

Registration for fall is open now.

Returning students can view the class schedule at and enroll online through the MyGHC Student Portal.

New students or students who have been away for longer than one quarter can get started by visiting or by contacting an educational advisor, which can be done over Zoom or by phone (Zoom and/or phone virtual assistance at, or via email ([email protected]). 

“Our educational advisors are ready to work with students to find the best fit for their unique needs,” Dr. Brewster explained. “At GHC, we believe that fall 2020 is an exceptional time to be taking classes. GHC is embracing the opportunity to provide students a quality education while helping them develop the technological and e-communication skills that are shaping our future. We invite everyone to join us.”

The quarter will start as planned on September 21, 2020.

Grays Harbor College has Chromebook laptop computers available for checkout to students for remote learning.

Eligible students may use the computers and return them at the end of Fall quarter to the library. Grays Harbor College and several businesses in our community are supporting our students by opening up wi-fi access for students to use.

Educational advisors are ready to work with students to find the best fit for your unique needs and circumstances, and you can connect with them over Zoom Virtual Assistance, by phone (360-538-4026), and via email.

Other campus services such as Registration, Financial Aid, tutoring, the Veterans Center are also available using the contact information above.

View GHC’s Quarterly Class Schedule for Fall 2020.


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