Grays Harbor College moving offices as HUB demolition imminent

As construction of the new Student Services and Instruction Building continues, many areas of Grays Harbor College that were previously located in the Hillier Union Building are moving to new locations on campus. 

On July 18, 2022, the HUB will be closed in preparation for demolition to keep the construction of the new SSIB on track. 

Since spring quarter, people and operations have been moving out of the HUB into temporary locations across the Aberdeen campus. 

The GHC bookstore, student service areas, support programs, and other functions previously in the HUB have been relocated, with many being placed into the Manspeaker Instructional Building.

These relocations are scheduled to be in place through Summer 2023 as construction continues.

For contact methods and hours of operation for each student services area and student support program, please visit the Connect with Us page.