Grays Harbor approves 2019-2024 “Plan to Address Unmet Housing Needs”

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners adopted the 2019-2024 Grays Harbor Plan to Address Unmet Housing Needs at their meeting yesterday.

The commissioners said the plan replaces the ten year plan to end homelessness due to state requirements.

Housing Resource Coordinator for Grays Harbor County Public Health and Social Services Cassie Lentz explained what this five year plan entails.

Lentz also spoke on how the plan helps when they are applying for funding to meet housing needs.

Lentz said that currently they are able to help about one of every four people who seek resources and if they receive the funding to apply everything in the five year plan, that number would drop to between one of two and one of three.  

Find the full plan in the link below.

Grays Harbor County Five Year Plan to Address Unmet Housing Needs