Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties top 2 in unemployment 2 months straight

Grays Harbor, WA – Grays Harbor and Pacific County had the two highest unemployment rates in the state for the second month in a row despite it falling in both counties.

According to the employment security department’s non-seasonally adjusted numbers, Grays Harbor’s unemployment rate of 8.6 percent was the highest in the state in October and Pacific County was second with 8.1%.

Both counties saw positive gains from September to October.

Grays Harbor’s rate fell almost two percentage points, down from 11.4% in September, and Pacific County’s rate dropped from 10.7% in September. 

It was the first time since the pandemic began for both counties that the labor force and total number of people employed grew, while at the same time, the number of those on unemployment dropped from the previous month.

Grays Harbor September 2020 October 2020* October 2019
Labor Force 28,823 30,005 29,248
Total Employment 25,525 27,436 27,518
Total Unemployment 3,299 2,569 1,730
Unemployment Rate 11.4% 8.6% 5.9%

*Latest month non-seasonally adjusted

Pacific County September 2020 October 2020* October 2019
Labor Force 8,197 8,348 8,636
Total Employment 7,320 7,668 8,110
Total Unemployment 877 680 526
Unemployment Rate 10.7% 8.1% 6.1%

*Latest month non-seasonally adjusted