Grants to assist 13 Aberdeen businesses up for discussion tonight

At their meeting tonight, the Aberdeen City Council will consider recommendations for the first round of funding for local businesses as relief from the coronavirus pandemic.

In a report, the Finance and the Community Development Director recommends that the City Council authorize the Mayor to execute 13 contracts for Coronavirus Relief Fund Small Business Grant for a total of $77,432.

To be eligible for the funding, businesses must be;

    1. Current City of Aberdeen Business License (have to been in business for at least one year prior to March 1, 2020)
    2. Good financial standing (paid full for taxes, license fee, inspection fees, utilities, etc.)
    3. Have a physical business location in Aberdeen.
    4. No more than 20 FTE employees
    5. Business is eligible to receive funds from US Small Business Administration.
    6. Ability to demonstrate a loss of business from COVID-19.
    7. Ability to prove you have been profitable in the past.
    8. Businesses who have not received any funding for COVID-19 expenses are eligible.

Coronavirus Relief Fund Small Business Grant Agreement

To listen to this meeting:

DAY/DATE: Wednesday July 29, 2020

TIME: 7:00 PM (Meeting will be called to order at 7:15 PM)

DIAL-IN NUMBER:(425) 585-6257

ACCESS CODE: 618-313-093 # (you must include the # symbol)

For the immediate future under the Order and associated Guidance, the City Council meeting will not include public comment periods. If you wish to submit any comments in advance, please email your comments to the City Clerk at [email protected] and they will be provided to City Council. Please be sure to put “CITY COUNCIL PUBLIC COMMENT” in the subject line.

The City of Aberdeen requests that you provide your full name. If you reside in Aberdeen, please also include your Ward Number; if you do not reside in Aberdeen please let us know where you live.

Recommended funding;

Amore Yes OK* City 11 $10,000.00 No
Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu Yes Good City 1 $1,173.00 No
D & R Event Center Yes (JJY) OK* City 4 $10,000.00 No
D & R Theater Yes(ZEE) OK* City 11 $10,000.00 No
Elks, Aberdeen Yes Good City 7 $10,000.00 No
Grand Heron Yes OK* City Volunteers $1,119.00 No
Heron Street Attic Yes Good City 0 $467.00 No
Ricks Simpson Ave. Saloon Yes Good City 5 $10,000.00 No
Rock Construction Yes Good City 7 $10,000.00 No
Spargo’s Yes Good City 1 $3,070.00 No
The Shirthouse Yes Good City 2 $4,513.00 No
Tressa’s Salon Yes Good City 1 $1,534.00 No
VFW Yes Good City 8.5 $5,556.00 No
Total $77,432.00


Business Applications:


Aberdeen Office $10,000.00 Yes
Amore $10,000.00 No
Andy’s Lock & Safe $4,171.00 Yes
Atwood Autobody $3,841.00 Yes
Bill’s Design $10,000.00 Yes
Brazilian Jiu- Jitsu $1,173.00 No
Bryan & Son’s $10,000.00 Yes
Cake Cakes $5,000.00 Yes
Cascade Driving School $7,585.00 Yes
Crowley Marine $8,369.00 Yes
D & R Event Center $10,000.00 No
D & R Theater $10,000.00 No
Desert Sun $10,000.00 Yes
Dr. Todd Johnson $10,000.00 Yes
Dr. Weyrich $4,846.00 Yes
Dr. Sean White $7,765.00 Yes
Dunsire’s $10,000.00 Yes
Elks, Aberdeen $10,000.00 No
Grand Heron $1,119.00 No
Grays Harbor Stamp $10,000.00 Yes
Happy at Home $2,946.00 Yes
Harbor Blooms $10,000.00 Yes
Heron Street Attic $467.00 No
Mount Olympus $9,440.00 Yes
NW Collision $3,879.00 Yes
Oceana Spa $10,000.00 Yes
Ocean Palace    
Pacific Coast Contracting $10,000.00 Yes
Rainier Lanes $10,000.00 Yes
Rediviva $10,000.00 Yes
Ricks Simpson Ave. Saloon $10,000.00 No
Scoops   Not Eligible
Rock Construction $10,000.00 No
Seaport $10,000.00 Yes
South Shore Properties $10,000.00 Yes
Spargo’s $3,070.00 No
Steinman Insurance $7,145.00 Yes
Tap Room   Yes -Incomplete Info
The Liberty Store   Not Eligible City Emp.
The Shirthouse $4,513.00 No
Tinderbox $4,839.00 Yes
Tressa’s Salon $1,534.00 No
Upick Process Service   Not Eligible Late
VFW $5,556.00 No
Waugh’s $10,000.00 Yes
Total Requested $297,258.00