Graduation tips from the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office

The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office offered tips this week for a safe graduation experience.

Graduation season is right around the corner, and tragedy too often accompanies graduation time when drugs and alcohol are involved. The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office offered tips to decrease the chance of tragedies occurring during this time.

Take steps to change what is seen to be normal behavior around graduation. Students are sometimes expected by members of their community and peers to celebrate with all night parties, sleepovers and drinking. To keep your child safe, work with your schools and your community to change the view that reckless teen partying is normal and okay.

The likelihood of youth engaging in risky behavior increases when there is a lack of supervision. Unsupervised graduation parties and sleepovers increase the chances of drug and alcohol use and serious car accidents.

Not all kids will have parents who are looking out for them. If you sense that other people’s teens may be vulnerable, step in and keep track of them as well as your own kids. Invite these teens to your home where you can supervise and keep them safe. It is better to keep them safe, rather than be sorry if tragedy happens.

Get involved. Volunteer to supervise school or neighborhood parties. Offer to chauffeur kids to and from graduation celebrations. Host an alcohol free party at your home.

Rather than celebrating the graduation rite of passage with drinking and drug use, encourage your teens to celebrate with their friends and family in some creative and healthy ways.




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