Gov Inslee says “Stay Home, Stay Healthy”; extends bans through state

Gov. Jay Inslee issued a statewide order on Monday that instituted further restrictions on workers throughout the state, requiring even more residents to stay home.

The “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order is similar to orders that other governors, in places such as California and New York, issued last week.

This proclamation will:

  • Require every Washingtonian to stay home unless they need to pursue an essential activity.
  • Ban all gatherings for social, spiritual and recreational purposes.
  • Close all businesses except essential businesses.

The order will last for two weeks and could be extended.

“The less time we spend in public, the more lives we will save,” Inslee said.

All gatherings are banned, effective immediately.

This order applies to private and public gatherings and includes all sporting events and activities, weddings, funerals, and a closure of public places. 

The proclamation states it’s still safe for people to go outside as long as they remain at least six feet from each other. Grocery stores, doctor’s offices and other essential businesses will remain open. People can still participate in activities such as bike rides, gardening, and dog walking — as long as they follow social distancing rules.

Inslee said it’s crucial to reduce social interactions where this highly contagious virus can spread.

While gatherings are banned immediately, businesses will have until the end of the normal work day on Wednesday to move to working from home if they are not deemed “essential”.

Many businesses can, and should, continue using telework.

All grocery stores, pharmacies, childcare facilities, gas stations, food supply chains and other things that offer people basic, crucial needs will remain open. 

Businesses and entities that provide essential services must implement rules that help facilitate social distancing of at least six feet.

Inslee expects businesses and residents to voluntarily comply. He will discuss possible enforcement mechanisms in the coming days if residents and businesses do not comply.

Essential Business List