GH Transit extend free fares through 2024

Free fares on local bus routes will remain for another year.

According to Grays Harbor Transit, at the recent Board of Directors meeting, the decision was made to extend free fares on routes through December 2024.

The extension of free fares includes all fixed routes in all zones, as well as Dial-a-Ride and Specialized Van Service.

In October 2022 the board had made free fares available through December 31, 2023. At that time the Zero Fares program was said to be reviewed each December to see if the program would be sustainable for the coming year.

In their latest board packet, the transit authority shows increased usage on all routes over the year, leading into the winter months.

Data from GH Transit

The data also shows increased usage as compared to the 2022 and 2021 ridership.

Data from GH Transit