GH Public Health forum tonight as part of behavioral health gap analysis

Grays Harbor County Public Health is in the midst of collecting data for a behavioral health gap analysis. 

This analysis will look at existing mental health and substance use disorder services in the county to identify gaps in those services. 

The data will be used to target specific projects to help fill those gaps.

 Part of the data collection for this analysis includes community forums and a survey. 

A forum held in late August attracted about 60 people (combined in-person and Zoom), who discussed their own experiences and the experiences of those they know with current treatment services.

A second forum is Tuesday, Sept. 13. 5-7 p.m. – this will be a Zoom only meeting and, unlike the first meeting, will include a Spanish-speakers component. 

A link will direct all participants to the meeting, where they will be able to choose a Spanish or English room.

The data from these forums and a community survey will be used to pinpoint the needs and help Public Health determine what areas they can play a part in improving, as well as other areas that may be more in the wheelhouse of some of our community partners.