GGHI Microenterprise Grant Program

Up to $5,000 in grant money will be made available for local microenterprise businesses impacted by COVID-19.

These businesses, with 5 employees or less, including the owner, will be able to use these funds to help stabilize their businesses. 

Lynette Buffington, CEO of Greater Grays Harbor Inc. told KXRO that these small businesses were notably impacted during the past couple years.

Businesses must submit documentation and certify their application form before November 6, 2021. 

In order to be eligible, these microenterprise businesses must meet the program requirements.

Who can receive assistance?

  • Business owner must have a Low and Moderate family income (LMI) less than or equal to 80% 
    • Family income thresholds can be found later in this application.
  • Business must have a documented loss of income due to COVID-19. 
    • Impacted losses must have to have occurred between 3/27/20 through 1/31/2023.
  • Business must agree to share financial information
  • Business or business owner must be in the program’s service area (Grays Harbor County)
  • Business must have a Washington State business license.
  • Business must be legal under federal requirements (i.e., not cannabis retails or disbarred by federal government).
  • Business was not able to access other assistance for claimed losses (duplication of benefit). If a business has received aid, they ARE eligible, however they cannot submit claimed losses for expenses in which aid has already been received. This is the no “double dipping” rule.

The microenterprise assistance fund consists of $112,500 with $22,500 of the fund targeted for childcare facilities. 

Funds are available on a limited basis. Submitting this application is not a guarantee of assistance. 


More information will be uploaded to the Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. website at