Free pre-apprenticeship training in construction trades starts Monday, January 10

Free pre-apprenticeship training in the construction trades is being offered in Grays Harbor and participants will obtain free certifications in forklift, OSHA-10 and flagging.

WorkSource has partnered with ANEW to provide a FREE 4-week, Pre-Apprenticeship Training at the Satsop Business Park in Elma, WA.

This 4-week training, funded by PacMtn Workforce Development Council, will be held from January 10th through February 4, 2022. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

If you are unemployed and are currently looking for employment, are at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED (or will have one by the end of training); can lift / carry 40 to 50 pounds; have a valid driver’s license (or are able to get one); can speak, read and write basic English; and have barriers to employment, this training is available.

 If transportation is an issue, officials say that assistance may be available. 

This same training recently graduated ten students from Thurston County and nine students from Pacific County. 

Before graduation, each of those students were said to have been interviewed for several local open employment opportunities that guarantee an hourly rate no less than $18 per hour. Organizers say that 18 out of 19 students have been hired into a family-wage position after graduation.

“Grays Harbor County is seeing and will continue to see substantial growth for construction career opportunities in the coming years”, say Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. CEO Lynnette Buffington. “It is partnerships likes this, with WorkSource Grays Harbor that will prepare our residents for good paying and rewarding jobs in the Harbor and benefiting the Harbor’s growth”.

Participants will receive training in blueprint reading, trades math, fitness, professional development and more. From decision making, tools, and techniques, learn hands-on what people in the construction industry do each day. Participants will access professional development through mock interviews, peer and professional mentoring, and resume building, and hear from construction-industry professionals to learn more about their specific trade, what they look for in an employee. In the end, participants will develop the knowledge and skills to become viable for a well-paid apprenticeship position, while earning certifications in Forklift, Flagging and OSHA-10 to become more marketable to employers. 

To register, you must complete and submit the online, Pre-Apprenticeship Training Form, and after received, you will be contacted to determine program eligibility. 

There are limited seats available. 

Pre-Apprenticeship Training Form: Use either link.

For more information, please contact Damian Magista, Workforce Solutions Navigator at [email protected] or call him at (360) 358-2397.