Free magazines offered from Aberdeen library catalog

The Aberdeen timberland Library is clearing out their magazine collection, and the public has the opportunity to claim old issues.

In a statement from the Friend of the Aberdeen Library, they say that due to future plans for a remodel of the local library, space is being cleared. The local group purchased the magazines from the regional library group and are offering them to residents at no charge.

“Some of the issues are bound and some are in boxes”

While the issues are being offered for free, donations are being accepted to assist the Friends of the Aberdeen Library for future programs and projects.

Included in the list are;

Title Year
Columbia 1987-2015
Consumer Reports 2012-2017
Cooks Illustrated 2009/2012/2015
Etude 1909-1957
Fine Homebuilding 2009-2015
Fine Wood Working 2009-2015
Fortune 1966-2017
Forum 1909-1949
Harper’s Monthly Magazine & Harper’s Magazine 1858-2017
Horn Book 1939/1947-1980
House and Garden 1961-1962/1931-1993
House Beautiful 1911-1995
Library News Bulletin 1943-1971
Literary Digest 1912-1938
Mentor 1913-1930
Nation 1923-2018
National Geographic 1910-2016
Natural History 2008-2009/2011-2012/2014
New York Times Book Review 2007-2017
New Yorker 1970-2016
Newsweek 1939-2011
Organic Gardening 1983-2016
Plays 1960-2015
Popular Mechanics 2014
Popular Science 2015
Review of Reviews 1892-1937
Saturday Evening Post 1932-2016
Scientific American 1915-2015
Scientific American Supplement 1915-1918
Scientific American Monthly 1920-1957
Smithsonian 1971-2015
St. Nicholas 1904-1923
U.S. News & World Report 1945/1982-2010
Vogue 1970-2016
Utne 2010-2015
Worlds Work 1907-1932
American Review 1933-1934
Wood 2014-2015

After October 31, 2020, any remaining magazines will be given to the Aberdeen Lions for recycling.

An updated list of the magazines will be posted at the library entrance.

If residents are interested in getting some of the issues, they can contact Stephenie Reece, Library Manager, at [email protected] of 360-533-2360 ext. 2006