Free books available to local children ages 0-5 through new local program

There is a new opportunity for local young children, thanks to Dolly Parton and the United Way.

In a release from the United Way of Grays Harbor, they say that they have launched a local initiative of  Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library for  Grays Harbor and Pacific County.

They tell KXRO that this program is a way the help youth reach critical reading milestones by gifting free, age appropriate books to children in both counties.

In their data, they say that only 37% of children in Grays Harbor and Pacific County start school ready to succeed, and that this program will work towards raising that percentage.

The Imagination Library covers all of Grays Harbor and Pacific county. 

It is 100% free for families, and children ages 0-5 will receive a book each month in the mail. 

“Getting your little ones ready to enter school, can be daunting. This program will help make that process a bit easier.” according to the United Way of Grays Harbor.

The United way cited local mother Katrina, who signed up her young girls for the program before moving back to the harbor. 

“Katrina’s eldest daughter used to struggle with a desire to participate in regular reading time with her mother. After starting the program she is now ready and excited to sit down and read the new book they get in the mail. The whole process of being able to go out to the mail with her mom, open the mailbox to find that SHE received  something fun has changed the whole dynamic in the home around reading.”

“Ellie is so excited when she gets her book in the mail.” Says Katrina, local mother of two little girls. “She just can’t wait, and has started going with me to the mailbox everyday in hopes that her book is in. This has been great for our family, and something we all look forward to each month.”

Registering children for the United Way of Grays Harbor Imagination Library takes approximately 5 minutes, according to the organization.

Parents can sign up their child for the free program at

If you are interested in learning more please visit or call us at 360-532-6260