Frame Crosby resigns from Aberdeen City Council

The City of Aberdeen has lost a 2nd City Council member in the last month to resignation.

According to a letter from Councilmember Shaney Frame Crosby, she stepped down as of Monday,

In her letter and a post on her personal Facebook page, she states that her husband lost employment prior to the election, and this has forced them to move out of the state.

She apologized for the change in her letter, but said that was her “sincere hope that the council will work hard to bring family wage jobs to town, when the covid-19 crisis is over.” adding that “Good employment will be necessary for the maintenance and growth of this community.”

Under City and State law, the City Council members are charged with replacing a vacancy in the Council.

All interested persons from Ward 1 should provide letters of interest, along with a resume, to Mayor Schave by Friday June 5, 2020 to allow City Council to review and make a selection for a qualified person to fill the vacant position.

This vacancy is in addition to the open position previously held by Jerrick Rodgers , who resigned earlier this month. Any Ward 5 voters interested in that position should send a letter of interest by Friday May 1, 2020.