Foodball 2020: Together We Can

Foodball 2020, now being referred to as Foodball: Together We Can, has announced their initial schedule of events as Aberdeen and Hoquiam work together to raise funds and food to help the local community.

This year, Foodball will culminate on Monday, November 9 and the schools will be working in a joint effort ahead of that date.

Students will kick off this year’s event on Friday, October 30th as AHS and HHS ASB will be driving through both towns and past both schools.

Virtual will be the consistent theme for the events. On Thursday, November 5th, a Virtual Auction will be held, followed by Virtual Movie Trivia on Friday, November 6th, and a Virtual Luncheon on Sunday, November 8th.

Residents will be able to donate via checks mailed to either school, by dropping them off at the school main offices, online with a debit/credit card, or by donating food at the Department of Licensing, Grocery Outlet, Aberdeen Safeway, Hoquiam Swanson’s, and Hoquiam Rite Aid.

Statewide and local regulations mean that the final weigh-in will not allow for the large crowds normally seen, although the grand total will be announced live by KXRO on Monday, November 9 at 5 PM.