Foodball 2020: Together We Can totals

Foodball 2020: Together We Can has come to a close with the final weigh-in for the 39th annual event at the Grays Harbor PUD.

Working together through a series of virtual events, the students at Aberdeen and Hoquiam worked together to raise a total of 656.399.50 lbs of food for the local community in need.

In September, it was announced that both schools would continue Foodball although they would be working together amid coronavirus restrictions.

Through their Virtual Auction, Virtual Movie Trivia, Virtual Luncheon, and donations, the schools garnered $65,491.25 in monetary donations, equaling 10 lbs for every $1 raised.

Because the event did not follow the standard Foodball rules, donations are being accepted by both schools through Thursday, November 12, 2020 to allow for anyone unable to participate in the events.

A donation portal is available through either school website at or

In addition to the funds raised, through local businesses such as the Department of Licensing, Grocery Outlet, Aberdeen Safeway, Hoquiam Swanson’s, and Hoquiam Rite Aid, a total of 1,487 lbs of actual food were donated.

At the socially distanced weigh-in at the Grays Harbor PUD, it was only KXRO and a PUD representative who joined the schools for the final announcement.

When speaking to Aberdeen and Hoquiam Foodball advisors Ashley Kohlmeier and Katie Barr, they spoke on their feelings about the changed event for 2020.

With 2020 bringing the schools together for the first time since the event was started at 104.7 KDUX in 1981, we asked the advisors what that could mean for the 40th Annual Foodball in 2021.

In the end, both advisors agreed on who the real winners are every year in Foodball.

Foodball 2020: Together We Can Totals
Money $65,491.25
Food 1,487
Total 656,399.50 lbs