Five GHC staff earn tenure

Five faculty members at Grays Harbor College have earned their tenure.

In a release, the college states that the Board of Trustees recently awarded tenure to the faculty.

The new, full-time tenured faculty at Grays Harbor College are:

  • Michael Cornwell, Human Services, Stafford Creek Correctional Center
  • Chrissie Erickson, Medical Assisting
  • Lance James, Business and Business Technology
  • Brian Snell, Stafford Creek Correctional Center
  • Dr. Nate Woods, Human Services
L-to-R: Lance James, Michael Cornwell, Brian Snell, Dr. Nate Woods. (Chrissie Erickson not pictured)

“GHC is a great place with great people. I am proud to represent an institution with such a talented faculty—I am continually impressed by the expertise of this year’s new cohort of tenured faculty,” said President Ed Brewster. “We are fortunate to have a faculty with such knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion, and dedication to our students and our community.”

According to the college, the process before tenure is awarded includes “a three-year probationary period of rigorous peer and student evaluation, self-evaluation, support for professional growth, and increasing levels of college and community services.”