First baby of 2021: Lovayah Rain Hess

The official first Grays Harbor baby of 2021 was born 5 days into the year.

Grays Harbor Community Hospital welcomed the birth of Lovayah Rain Hess on January 5th, 2021 at 1:57am.

They say that Lovayah is a healthy baby girl weighing in at 6lbs 9oz. 

The parents, Angela and Dominic, are said to “have been glowing with joy with the arrival of the newest member of Grays Harbor”. 

Primary care nurse Jeannette Khoury, RN, and the rest of the team of our Family Birth Center helped to support Lovayah and Angela during their stay.

Not only were we honored to welcome Lovayah to the Harbor, but so were some of our community partners. 

Walmart donated a laundry basket full of useful items including a $100 gift certificate, Harbor Blooms donated “a beautiful flower arrangement with a very cute duck vase, and Project Linus donated two handmade quilts from local quiltmakers”.

“Meeting Lovayah has been a joyous light spot and a great way to start the year. We wish the very best to Lovayah, Angela, and Dominic.”