Fireworks restrictions in place throughout the region

Multiple local cities have taken action to prevent fireworks related incidents this year, limiting their use.

On Monday, the cities of Cosmopolis, Elma, South Bend, and Westport all made moves that would prevent the discharge of fireworks within their boundaries.

While some cities have enacted bans this year, the City of Westport’s rule will not go into effect until 2022.

City Attorney Wayne Hagen explained during the council meeting that this follows state guidelines.

In 2022, Westport is set to ban fireworks entirely within city limits, as well as along the beaches abutting the city.

Hoquiam Mayor Ben Winkelman made an executive order Monday morning to prevent the use of fireworks within his city, although at their City Council meeting Monday night that action was rescinded due to a previous ordinance not being in place to allow for the move.

Under state law, cities and counties have the ability to limit firework usage either through sale or discharge, although “Any ordinances adopted by a county or city that are more restrictive than state law shall have an effective date no sooner than one year after their adoption.”

This requires action taken this year to only be put in place for the 2022 holiday.

The City of Ocean Shores already has restrictions in place for city limits.

Grays Harbor and Pacific counties are both under burn restrictions already due to the hot and dry weather currently being seen in the area.

Multiple larger fires have been seen throughout the state over the previous days.