Fire burns 127 year old building in Oakville

A fire has overtaken 3 buildings in Oakville.

Starting around 10pm on the 4th of July, the fire burned into the 5th as traffic was detoured and crews were on scene.

Witnesses say that the Oakville Hardware store, built in 1890 according to their sign, was destroyed, along with a small home and a former liquor store.

Accounts state that the blaze started on the roof of a building beside the historic hardware store, before extending to the other buildings.

“The ONLY Tavern”building on the same block did not burn down.

Highway 12 was closed as fire crews battled the flames, and drivers were detoured through the town.

Witnesses also state that they believe fireworks were the likely cause.

The Chehalis Tribal Emergency Operations Center posted a video of the fire, 3 days after declaring that “Due to dry conditions”, a burn ban was placed on tribal land. No fireworks were allowed, outside of the scheduled display in a specified area.

The Oakville Fire Department posted on their official Facebook Page on July 2, reminding residents “that it’s VERY dry out“ and that anyone in the area should “take extreme caution when setting off fireworks”

Photo posted by Shannon Abbott Olson on Facebook


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