A fire at a homeless encampment blocked SR 109 on Tuesday.

Grays Harbor Fire District #8, covering the North Beach area, reports that a fire within a homeless encampment near the Joe Creek Bridge could have been much worse.

SR 109 was blocked temporarily Tuesday morning as smoke crossed the road and crews arrived.

In the report, it states that smoke was crossing the roadway and crews found a 30ft x 30ft fire in the woods, near what they say is a homeless encampment. The site was approximately 100ft back off the road.

The encampment was reportedly unoccupied at the time, and the fire was said to be “burning deep within the ground as well in the surrounding area”.

The district thanked Grays Harbor Fire District #7, the Department of Natural Resources, and the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office for their assistance.

They also thank those who reported the fire.

“A big THANK YOU also goes out to all those who called the reports of smoke in. Without you, this could’ve been an entirely different outcome. Just because we are currently without a burn ban, doesn’t mean we are “out of the woods” for fire danger.”

The cause of the fire was not known at the time of the release.