Local corrections workers were honored at the recent Department of Corrections award banquet.

In a release, the Department of Corrections states that fifteen employees working at Stafford Creek Corrections Center and one working at the Grays Harbor Field Office in Aberdeen have received Annual Agency Awards.

The awards were given at a ceremony Friday, April 26 in Tumwater and recognized employees for their work through the year.

Staff members nominate colleagues for the awards, and a total of 162 DOC employees received awards this year.

Among the awards, Correctional Officer Brenda Klemetson was named Correctional Officer of the Year at the local facility, cook Derek Case received an Innovation Award, and Community Corrections Officer Allen Werth received an Outstanding Performer award.

DOC tells KXRO that the other SCCC recipients received Team Excellence awards for their work on the facility’s inmate recovery team.

The following awards were given to correctional staff:

  • Outstanding Performer: Allen Werth, Community Corrections Officer, Grays Harbor Field Office

Stafford Creek Corrections Center:

  • Correctional Officer of the Year: Brenda Klemetson
  • Innovation: Derek Case, Cook
  • Team Excellence: Tyler Cardin, Correctional Officer
  • Team Excellence: Donald Davidson, Correctional Officer
  • Team Excellence: Zackary Fenn, Correctional Officer
  • Team Excellence: Jim ‘Jolly’ James, Correctional Unit Supervisor
  • Team Excellence: Eric Manio, Lieutenant
  • Team Excellence: Benjamin Porter, Lieutenant
  • Team Excellence: Michael Cornwell, Correctional Officer
  • Team Excellence: Matthew Ericksen, Correctional Officer
  • Team Excellence: Mark Funkhouser, Plumber/Pipefitter/Steamfitter Supervisor
  • Team Excellence: Ryan Rubalcaba, Lieutenant
  • Team Excellence: Brian Schuetter, Correctional Officer
  • Team Excellence: Chip Thornhill, Correctional Officer

Award Descriptions

Outstanding Performer

Presented to an employee who consistently exhibits superior job performance and displays a strong work ethic. Excels in their position and is detail oriented, self-disciplined, and not afraid to take initiative. Plays a vital role in contributing to a safe and supportive work environment. Goes above and beyond by participating on committees or workgroups. Up to twenty recipients will be chosen.


This award is given to a team of department employees who have developed new and creative ways of doing business to drive the organization forward. When presented with a problem or challenge, they question existing assumptions and beliefs to produce a wide range of suggestions and solutions. Innovation is a priority among team members and they approach it with a practical, task-oriented mindset.

Team Excellence Award

This award recognizes outstanding teamwork within a group of department employees. The award promotes the spirit of teamwork within departments and between units. They have outstanding performance results due to group achievement. They are recognized for their superior performance and reinforce the collaboration and partnership necessary to achieve agency goals. This team’s cohesiveness is articulated and demonstrated by example.

Correctional Officer of the Year

Presented to an officer whose performance goes above and beyond normal requirements and who demonstrates their commitment to the department’s goals and mission. This officer maintains a positive attitude, provides sound decision making, and a strong commitment to teamwork. S/he is an effective communicator, treating others with dignity, fairness, and respect. S/he is a positive role model and maintains professionalism at all times.

More information about the awards is available at http://www.doc.wa.gov/about/employees/awards.htm.