UPDATE: More businesses added to the February Report.

The Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Division says that “we have recently changed inspection programs to an on-line system.  After an internal review of the report, it was noted that several of the establishments inspected during the month of February were not included on the report generated by the new program.  After a couple changes in programming, we believe the issue is now fixed. Below you will find a link to the amended restaurant inspections conducted during the month of February.   As a reminder, more comprehensive inspection reports are available on our website.”


This update adds Oishi Teriyaki in Montesano which had 60 Red points and 28 Blue, and Gateway 76 Truck Stop in Elma which had 45 Red points to the list of businesses with 20 or more Red points in the February inspections.


Local businesses were cited in recent health inspections that were conducted in February.

The Grays Harbor County Environmental Health Division released the results of their inspections for February and 10 of the 19 businesses that were observed received citations.

Five of those businesses were docked with at least 20 of the more serious Red Point violations.

In Aberdeen, Harbor Coffee received 25 Red Points, the 7-Eleven at Market and B St. was cited for 20 Red and 12 Blue points, the Mazatlan Restaurant at the Olympic Gateway Plaza saw 20 Red and eight Blue, and Samurai Sushi Bar & Grill was docked for 20 Red Points.

Samurai Sushi was inspected on an illness complaint while the other businesses were routine inspections.

The Gray Goat Bar & Grill in East County was cited for 25 Red Points as well.

The Health Division lists “Red critical violations” as food handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to food borne illnesses.

“Blue violations” are primarily maintenance and sanitation issues that are not likely to be the cause of a food borne illness.

They say that “each violation has a numerical value based on its risk of food borne illness. Therefore, there are more points given for red critical violations than for blue violations.”

The full list of February inspections can be found below.