Fawn Sharp elected to lead NCAI in landslide victory

Originally posted 10-25-19

Quinault Indian Nation President Fawn Sharp was elected as the new president of the National Congress of American Indians in a landslide victory.

An election for new leadership of the organization was held Thursday at the 76th Annual NCAI Convention in Albuquerque.

In a photo provided to KXRO by QIN Vice President Tyson Johnston and a video from Indian Country Today, Sharp received 61.97% of the vote, with the nearest candidate out of 3 challengers receiving 17.88%

Photo from QIN Vice President Tyson Johnston


Sharp announced her intent to seek the position through a video message in September.

Sharp is currently in her fifth term as President of the Quinault Indian Nation, as well as a former President of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians and former Vice President of NCAI. 

The NCAI was founded in 1944, and serves to represent American Indian and Alaska Natives.

The group consists of both tribal governments and citizens, as well as non-Native groups and organizations.

Sharp will be elected for a 2-year-term in the office, serving as a representative of all Native Americans at the national stage.