Fair plans will depend on statewide rules

The Grays Harbor County Fair could expand even further, but help may be needed.

At the Tuesday meeting of the Grays Harbor County Commissioners, Fairgrounds Manager Mike Bruner said that statewide guidance will decide how expansive the fair is this year.

Bruner told the Commissioners that the Fair Board has gone through their plans “A-Z” to see what could be possible for 2021. 

He added that additional meetings will be held over the next week to find challenges with holding the event, and what options are available.

One challenge if the fair does expand into a more traditional schedule, according to Bruner, is the availability of volunteers. 

Bruner said that additional volunteers may be needed for 2021, and a call for volunteers may be sent out depending on the need.

The Grays Harbor County Fair is scheduled for August 4 – 8, 2021.

The discussions for the local fair follow announcements elsewhere in the state for similar events, including the Washington State Fair who announced they are returning to Puyallup in September after it was canceled last year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Organizers of the state event said in a statement the decision to hold the state fair in-person follows Gov. Jay Inslee’s announcement that Washington will fully reopen by June 30.