Elma fairgrounds parking lot to be used for helicopter landings

Elma residents need not be alarmed if they see helicopters landing at the Grays Harbor Fairgrounds.

In a letter shared by Grays Harbor County Commissioner Vickie Raines, the fairgrounds will be the landing space for helicopters through the end of the month.

Letter from GH County

According to the letter, Fairgrounds and Tourism Manager Mike Bruner announced that the Life Flight Network will be using a portion of the fairgrounds to land their helicopters.

The flights will be landed in Parking Lot “C” of the property through January 31, 2024.

The letter states that the area will be used for Emergency and Critical Patient transport, including the helicopters, at any time of day or night as needed, as a temporary transfer of patients to and from Summit Pacific Medical Center.

Raines stated that this location is being used as SPMC undergoes work on its expansion.