Election 2020: Measures and Levies

Grays Harbor residents want local school districts to have more control over what type of comprehensive sex education is taught to students.

Referendum 90 is moving forward with the intent, with 54.19% asking for a rejection.

When the Washington State Legislature passed Senate Bill 5395 in March of  2020 to require a statewide comprehensive sex education, it created instant animosity from many residents who felt that such teaching was too mature for younger students. Referendum 90 was placed on the ballot to overturn the bill.

Voters were tasked with either approving the referendum and allowing the intent of SB 5395 to move forward, or reject it and repeal the legislation.

In local measures, Hoquiam voters are currently approving $875,000 in bonds to purchase a new fire truck for the city. That measure is passing with 68.18%. It does require a 60% majority to pass.

A property tax levy in Fire District 2 is currently passing, with 57.8%.

Fire District 12 , covering the McCleary surrounding area, is also passing. Voters in both Grays Harbor and Mason County are showing 55.49% approval after first results.

Like many Advisory Votes, Grays Harbor and statewide voters are expressing their distaste for the taxing legislation. These votes are non-binding and require no action to be taken if repealed or maintained.

Senate Joint Resolution 8212 that would allow funds in the Long-Term Care Services and Supports Trust Account to be invested into stocks or other methods of investment is currently not passing.

As of Tuesday night, 59.71% of the 48,859 Grays Harbor voters have been counted. The election results will be officially certified on November 24, 2020.