Drug Task Force selling marijuana grow equipment via sealed bids

Montesano, WA – The Grays Harbor Drug Task Force is selling equipment to grow marijuana grow, and sealed bids are being accepted. 

A Request for Sealed Bids has been issued on the entire lot of surplus marijuana grow equipment.

According to the request, the lot consists of more than 1,000 square feet of surplus marijuana grow equipment, including LED lighting, ballasts, timers, fans, heaters, growing medium, plastic trays, miscellaneous tools, and other items. 

All of the equipment is being offered as a single lot with no partial bids and in “as is condition” with no warranties or guarantees.

Grays Harbor Drug Task Force requires that all interested bidders view the lot prior to entering a sealed bid and submit a $1,000 bid deposit that will be returned to any unsuccessful bidders. 

Interested bidders must contact the task force no later than 5pm on July 24, 2019 in order to be registered for the viewing, submit bids by July 31, and must remove all equipment from the storage facility by August 6th.

Download Full Request Specification Here