Drive through COVID-19 testing available in Pacific County

Pacific County residents who fall under certain criteria will have an opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 at events today and tomorrow.

In a release from Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock, he states that Pacific County has acquired a limited number of COVID-19 testing supplies and would like to offer testing to symptomatic priority groups.

This includes; 

  • Symptomatic Healthcare workers (Includes all staff, such as kitchen staff, maintenance, etc., who work in healthcare facilities including long term care and assisted facilities. This also includes home health care workers).
  •  Symptomatic Public Safety workers (Includes law enforcement, corrections officers, fire fighters and EMS workers).
  •  Symptomatic Pharmacy and Grocery Store workers.
  • Symptomatic pregnant women
  • Symptomatic individuals who are Immune compromised
  • Symptomatic individuals who are over age 65
  • Other symptomatic employees who work in business that serve the public

Depending on circumstances and directions from federal, state and/or local health officials, these priorities may be adjusted.

One or more of the following symptoms are required for testing: fever >100.4 degrees, dry cough, or shortness of breath.

Testing location and appointment time will be given once screening is complete.

Appointments for those meeting the criteria of a symptomatic priority groups (outlined above) can be made by calling the Pacific County Emergency Operations Center at 360-875-9407 or 360-642-9407.

As of Wednesday, Pacific County Health and Human Services still report no known cases of COVID-19 in the county and local health care providers had reported testing 55 individuals in the county. 

The Pacific County Health and Human Services Department is reporting total numbers of tests conducted (including positive results), on their website at least weekly at ( and on the Health Department’s Facebook page at

For more information, please contact the Direct Response line at (360) 875-9407 / (360) 642-9407 or [email protected].