Draft Transportation Benefit District Plan up for review and public hearing

This month, the Aberdeen City Council will consider the 2020 Transportation Benefit District Annual Project Plan.

Aberdeen City Engineer Kris Koski shared the draft document that will be presented at the next city council meeting, noting the various projects proposed through the city.

In total, an estimated $990,000 are available for work, while over $1.8 million in TBD and grant funding for projects have been identified as needs.

The project proposal list includes numerous items, including $426,000 in asphalt overlays and reconstruction, $84,000 in concrete panels, $385,412 in sidewalk improvements, $30,000 in alley work, $15,000 in asphalt patches, and $15,000 in crack sealing.

There will be a public hearing on the plan at the February 12 council meeting.


1    Asphalt Overlays 43.03% $426,000
2   Concrete Panels 8.48% $84,000
Sidewalks 38.93%  $385,412
4   Alleys  3.03% $30,000
Asphalt Patches  1.52% $15,000
Crack Sealing 1.52%  $15,000
  Contingency  3.49% $34,589
TBD TOTAL   100.00% $990,000

TBD 2020 Annual Project Plan DRAFT FOR REVIEW