Don’t call 911 for vaccine appointments; Pacific County asks public to be patient

Pacific County Public Health & Human Services posted an update asking the public to be patient when calling for COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

They have reiterated this request through this week, telling  residents that all available employees are answering calls to the best of their ability, but the total volume of calls is overwhelming the county’s phone system.

They ask for patience. If you don’t get through the first time, officials ask that you hang up and try again.

They also noted that some people have been calling 911 in regards to the vaccines , but while the 911 lines are separate from other county phone lines, tying up the 911 lines with COVID questions prevents people with genuine emergencies from getting through.

They also reiterated that residents should not come to the health department office or any other county offices as they will not schedule appointments in person.  

Anyone in the recent phase of vaccine distribution must call to schedule a time.

The only numbers that will get you through to get scheduled for vaccines are 360-642-9407 or 360-875-9407.

Again we are trying our best to answer all phone calls. Please be patient with us and we will get to your call as soon as we can.