Originally posted Nov. 20, 2012

Following one and one-half years of court proceedings, Devon Moore, now 18, was given the maximum sentence for the 2010 murder of his father.

Judge Michael Sullivan sentenced Mr. Moore to 380 months and he will serve 31 years in prison, followed by 36 months of community custody. Further information is contained in the sentence memorandum submitted to the court on behalf of the Pacific County Prosecutor’s Office.

Devon Moore pleaded guilty in October to first degree murder domestic violence and murdering his father, Timothy Moore, on November 2, 2010. Moore, who was 16 years old at the time of the shooting, had gone into his father’s room as he slept and shot him four times in the back of the head. Moore then placed his father into a garbage can, drug him into the bed of a pickup truck and took his body to a remote area in Pacific County where he buried his father in a shallow grave. Woodcutters discovered the remains in early April, 2011. Moore had been missing for five months. Due to the serious nature of the charge, Devon was charged as an adult.

Moore claimed a mental health defense, and the case was delayed for an evaluation at Western State Hospital.

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