Despite approval, RFA measure at risk of passage

The passage of the Central Grays Harbor Regional Fire Authority is in jeopardy of passing following election night results, despite showing approval from voters.

The joint resolution between Aberdeen and Hoquiam to form the RFA is showing only a 59.53% approval currently in combined results, below the 60% super majority required for passage. 


City of Aberdeen Joint Resolution – Aberdeen
Measure Vote Vote %
966 59.34%
662 40.66%
Total Votes 1,628 100%


City of Hoquiam Joint Resolution – Hoquiam
Measure Vote Vote %
492 59.93%
329 40.07%
Total Votes 821 100%


In addition, only 2449 total voters have been counted so far, below the estimated threshold needed to certify.

According to precinct data from the 2020 election, over 10,000 people voted for President within Aberdeen and Hoquiam. Based on numbers calculated by KXRO, approximately 4,000 voters would need to voice their opinion on the RFA for it to be validated.

Also on the ballot, city of Hoquiam voters are approving an extension of the current EMS levy with 71.38% in favor.

If the RFA fails to pass during this election, the earliest it could be modified and return to voters would be on the February Special Election ballot. Organizers would need to file for the election by December 10, 2021.