COVID-19 cases drop at Stafford Creek; status lowered and restrictions lessened

A number of cases of COVID-19 continue to decline within the Stafford Creek Corrections Center, with more active cases among staff than with inmates.

In the latest WA State Corrections’ COVID-19 Bulletin they say that Stafford Creek was removed from a Facility Wide Outbreak status on Friday, February 25, although there are still active cases.

“The Washington State Department of Corrections’ (DOC) Prisons and Work Release facilities are seeing a promising decline in COVID-19 impacts with 10 currently on outbreak status. There were 20 on outbreak status on January 24, 2022. DOC’s priority is the health and safety of staff and everyone in its care and custody.”

According to the bulletin, there were 6 active cases as of Friday, adding into the over 1,500 total cases seen within the Aberdeen facility. This is down from 37 active cases the week prior.

Due to the drop in active cases, two units are on a “Limited Outbreak Status”, other units are under weekly testing starting this week, and others will resume access to a number of amenities and areas of the facility.

A limited number of incarcerated individuals will be allowed to work, starting off with 25 additional workers February 28. Each Monday 25 workers will be added as the weeks progress.

“DOC has been using the Incarcerated Individual Betterment Fund (IIBF) to do a variety of things for incarcerated individuals to help the time pass more smoothly.  Additionally, a message was sent to incarcerated individuals and family members on February 18, 2022, that provided an update on DOC’s response to COVID-19 and comfort items provided through IIBF.

DOC announced an update to prison and work release visitation status on February 22, 2022.”

While 6 cases are active within the incarcerated population, there are 12 active cases among DOC staff at Stafford Creek. That staff infection number is also down from 19 on February 18.

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