County emergency declared for Grays Harbor

At a Special Meeting on Thursday, the Grays Harbor County Commissioners issued a Declaration of emergency related to novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The commissioners write in the declaration that “COVID-19 has the potential to adversely affect the health of people in Grays Harbor County”

The county actions follows the February 29, 2020, proclamation of a state of emergency from Governor Jay Inslee and the March 11 declaration of a global pandemic from the World Health Organization.

Grays Harbor Public Health and Social Services Director Karolyn Holden spoke at the meeting saying that they asked for the declaration after the first confirmed case was found locally.

Holden adds that concerns about the risk of exposure from that patient are slight.

Through the emergency declaration, the county will be able to expedite some actions involving procurement of items needed as part of the emergency response.

All County offices and departments will be authorized to assign personnel, enter into contracts and do what is necessary to combat the emergency to protect the health and safety of the citizens.

The declaration is currently set to terminate 90 days following the announcement.