Counseling available for students and families after death of Aberdeen teacher

An Aberdeen teacher died unexpectedly over the weekend.

The Aberdeen School District shared a statement regarding the death of 4th Grade teacher Tracey Harris, who passed away on Sunday, June 2, 2019, after a brief illness.

In a letter sent to parents from Robert Gray Elementary Principal Jamie Dunn, the district states, “All of us here at school are shocked and saddened by this news, but I want you to know that this staff came together in loving support of our students today, and most especially, we did our very best to be there for the students in her class.”

Harris joined the district this year, according to Superintendent Dr. Alicia Henderson, teaching 6th Grade at Stevens Elementary School last year after moving to the area from Twin Falls, Idaho. Harris had been a teacher for the past six years.

“Although she was a recent addition to our school staff, it was apparent to me that Mrs. Harris was connecting with her students, and making a difference in their education and their lifes.” said Dr. Henderson.

She was also Robert Gray’s Math Olympiad Coach.

Dunn closed her letter to parents with,

“It’s not possible to know how individual students will react to the sadness of a loss such as this, and death strikes each of us differently based on our relationship to the individual we lost. You know your child the best of anyone. There is a whole range of emotions that are completely normal. If you think your child needs guidance but hasn’t come forward, please let us know. Also, if we can be of assistance or guidance to you in helping your child, please let us know we’re here for you, too.”

Dunn states that extra counseling support will be in place as needed.