The longstanding rough road on Cosi Hill could be getting fixed starting this summer.

In December of 2015. the rough sloughed away and the Washington State Department of Transportation combined the lanes, reducing the speed limit and adding gravel to mediate the issues.

Now listed as an upcoming project, work to stabilize the slope is scheduled to start this summer.

According to WSDOT;

“This section of US 101, also known as Cosi Hill, has a history of slides reoccurring under the highway. It has become not cost-effective to continue repaving the roadway until further earthwork can be done. This project aims to address just that.”

As part of the plan, crews will drill 4′ diameter holes nearly 50′ deep and fill in the remaining sections with rock in an effort to stabilize this stretch of highway.

During the work, drivers will see day and night construction with single lane closures beginning summer 2019 through fall 2020.