Community workshops on opioids open for residents

Upcoming workshops are intended to serve as a “Community Conversation on Opioid Use Disorder”.

A series of sessions will be held in multiple areas of Grays Harbor to explore stigma, how we support people with Substance Use Disorder and their families, and how we can work to reduce stigma in the community.

Sessions will be held this month in Westport, Aberdeen, and Elma as part of the workshop.

The events will be held on May 24 & 25, starting with a morning session in Westport on the 24th and an afternoon event in Aberdeen. 

On May 25, a session will be held in Elma at Summit Pacific Medical Center in the morning with an afternoon “Train the Trainer” event at Grays Harbor County Public Health.

Grays Harbor Public Health and Pacific County Public Health & Human Services are putting on the event, in partnership with UR Recovery Center of Excellence, to have a conversation and share details about the issues.

Registration is required, but residents can choose to register for the event that is most convenient for them.

Register Here

Poster from GH Public Health