Montesano, WA – The Rail Separation Project in East Aberdeen could be taking a step forward after the county approved funds to help with a grant application.

At their Tuesday meeting, the Grays Harbor County Commissioners approved $300,000 that the City of Aberdeen requested from the distressed area capital fund. 

The City is preparing a $1.4 million Consolidated Rail Infrastructure & Safety Improvements (CRISI) grant application to pursue preliminary engineering and environmental documents. 

A 50% match is proposed with $200,000 committed from the City of Aberdeen, $200,000 from the Port of Grays Harbor, and the remaining $300,000 from the .09 fund. 

Aberdeen City Engineer Kris Koski spoke about what phase the project is in.

Commissioner Vickie Raines said this project is a need for the area.

The County will allocate $300,000 from the 2021 cycle for the City project.

Funding for the project is contingent on a successful grant award from CRISI, if the City is not awarded the grant the obligation of funds will be terminated.

Koski said if all goes well and there are no hitches, the construction of the project would begin in 2024 and it would open in 2026.