Comments open on possible marine impacts due to Terminal 4 project at Port of Grays Harbor

NOAA Fisheries has received a request from Ag Processing Inc. for authorization to take marine mammals incidental to the Terminal 4 Expansion and Redevelopment Project at the Port of Grays Harbor. 

Photo from NOAA

Listed in the Federal Register ,and pursuant to the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA), NOAA Fisheries is requesting comments on its proposal to issue an authorization to incidentally take marine mammals during the specified activities.

The authorization would be valid from July 16, 2024, through July 15, 2025. 

Under the proposal, impacts to harbor porpoise, Stellar sea lion, California sea lion, and harbor seal would be authorized.

NMFS is also requesting comments on a possible one-time, 1-year renewal that could be issued under certain circumstances. 

This authorization would require regular reporting to officials of the actions and impacts.

Deviation from the allowed take could result in penalties.

NMFS will consider public comments prior to making any final decision on the issuance of the requested authorization, and agency responses will be summarized in the final notice of their decision.

The comment period closes on May 8, 2024.