The Department of Ecology is inviting the public to comment on the draft Air Operating Permit for the Cosmo Specialty Fibers paper mill. 

Through January 31, 2020 the DOE has opened up online comments regarding the Cosmo operations and air quality that ensues.

The Cosmopolis mill is looking to renew their air operating permit with changes that include: 

  • Updating requirements for several pieces of equipment that cause air pollution (emission units).
  • Adding the recently adopted Maximum Achievable Control Technology regulations for the power boiler.
  • Removing exemptions from limits during startup, shutdown and malfunction periods.
  • Requiring electronic submittal of files.
  • Administrative updates to clarify requirements. 

A detailed list of changes is available in the permit’s support document, called a Statement of Basis. 

No new or additional pollution is allowed by the proposed changes to the permit.



In addition to online comments, a public meeting has been scheduled for January 29, starting at 6:30 pm at the Grays Harbor College

Read the public comment notice for more information, such as where to send comments. Application materials are available:

  • At the Aberdeen Timberland Library, 121 E Market Street, Aberdeen, Wash. 
  • By request from the Department of Ecology. If you’d like to make a request, contact Angelina Ward at [email protected] or 360-407-6916.

A public meeting, followed by a hearing to accept oral comments, will take place:

  • Jan. 29, 2020
  • Starting at 6:30 p.m.
  • At Grays Harbor College Rooms 413 A/B, 1620 Edward P. Smith Dr., Aberdeen, WA.

Cosmo Specialty Fibers is described as a kraft pulp and paper mill with around 200 employees using virgin hemlock to make about 550 tons of dissolving pulp (acetate, viscose, and ether grades) each day, treating its wastewater and sends it to Grays Harbor and the Chehalis River.

Permit information

Cosmo Specialty Fibers contacts

Company website
Facility phone: 360-500-4600
Location: 1701 1st St., Cosmopolis, Wash.