Comcast Cares Day in McCleary May 4

Comcast Cares Day is coming back to Grays Harbor, and will be happening in McCleary.

May 4 is the corporate day of service for Comcast, and they are inviting both employees and local residents to come out for Comcast Cares Day.  

Comcast tells KXRO that this is the 18th year Comcast has hosted this regional event with more than 30 volunteer projects spanning across Washington.

In a release they say that this year’s projects are focused on supporting local nonprofit organizations, and those experiencing homelessness.

On Saturday, Comcast says that they expect more than 150 volunteers from the local Aberdeen Comcast office and the McCleary School District to be on hand to help the local McCleary Veterans of Foreign War Post (VFW) with various repair and maintenance projects, as well as assemble assistance kits for homeless veterans.

“The main hall is the VFW’s only source of income, making it an integral part of the post’s mission to serve and advocate on the behalf of local veterans which is why this project is so important in supporting the local VFW and the community.”


Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019

Location: 158 North Summit Road

  McCleary, Washington 98557

Start time: 8:30 a.m.

End time: 3 p.m.